Flush to floor

Eliminate doorstop tripping hazards.

Hold-Open Device

No more lockouts or swinging doors.

Easy to Install

Install anywhere in the door swing arc.

The Fantom Doorstop Solution (FDS) merges artistic design principles with innovation in engineering to create a product unlike anything else on the market today. Using rare-earth magnet technology the FDS serves as both a doorstop and a hold-open device, attractively concealing all product components inside the door and below floor level - eliminating trip hazards and unsightly wall, baseboard, or hinge-mounted stops.

The patented design of the FDS attributes an in-floor pin that is activated by the rare-earth magnet concealed within the door as it passes over the pin. Once activated, the pin strikes the specially designed and individually patented ‘dimple and lip’ striker plate which not only stops the door, but also holds it firmly in the open position.

The convenient hold-open feature allows residents / customers / visitors to keep a door open while they pass through, without fumbling with a drop-down leg, hunting around for a wedge of some sort, or setting their bags down as a hold-open device.